New Project!

I have spent a long time working on my own personal projects. Most of them end in failure, but I can justify it as practice for the next project. I've noticed far too often I will design myself into a hole. Or a corner. I'll spend more time backtracking and redesigning instead of just making something. Even more often I overcomplicate things, not all mechanics need to tie into a story. Sometimes the story isn't even necessary when I'm just trying to make something.

To avoid a lot of these headaches and hiccups I've decided to simply remake a game from 1992. Exvania is a game I wasted too many quarters hours on in MAME. It's one of those hidden gems you find cycling through every game in the MAME game bundle zip. My friends and I spent most our nights playing games on MAME, Exvania was the game we used to settle disputes. It's a relatively simple game and there doesn't seem to be too many art assets.

Art assets are actually the project. I ran through the game and pushed some numbers around on a spread to calculate the asset count. This doesn't look like an overly ambitious project. I need 106 sprites without animations, 374 with simple 4-frame animations for some stuff. These are fairly accurate estimations, I don't doubt I'll find some bad math or assets I forgot. There's also some extra art to pretty the game up and for more than one level setting.

I plan on live streaming and posting annotated streams on YouTube. Hopefully all of that info will find itself on this page as it comes up.